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Project Description

Works for CRM 2011 & 2013 versions!

Well with the advent of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, a wonderful new feature was introduced which is the field level security. OOB in CRM we could configure field level security for teams & users and how wonderfully it works.

Well you show a new feature to the customer and they would add their own requirements on top of that feature and wow! you have a totally new requirement which requires a work around on top of the OOB functionality. I faced exactly the same requirement in one of my projects last year where i was asked to implement field security for security roles. After scratching my head over that I did a workaround and its working pretty well for the customer. Thought of putting the entire effort in a tool so that it can help others and out came the first version of this last year with the basic functionalities.

Releasing a new version of this tool with lot of new functionalities incorporated. And following Darwin’s theory of adapting to continuous changes, had no option but to make it work for CRM 2013 as well. You can now user it in CRM 2011 & 2013 versions be it on-premise/ IFD/ Office 365.

  • Enable/ disable field security of attributes of an entity without opening CRM application.
  • Configure field security for all the enabled field security attributes for each of the roles in the system
  • Handles scenarios when a security role is associated/ disassociated from a user or a team to which the user belongs.
  • Handles field level security scenarios when a user is added/ removed from the team which are having security roles for which field level security is configured.

And all the above without a single line of code!

The project uses the Connection Control for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 which is available at I recommend using this tool for anyone who needs to connect to CRM instances be it office 365, on-premise or IFD.

How the tool work? Well you have a very detailed documentation in the documentation tab with every scenarios explained in depth. Still if you find anything which you are not able to comprehend, feel free to connect with me at my email :

Nothing is perfect in this world and the same goes for my tool. For any bugs you find in the tool, report it at the codeplex site or drop me an email at

Finally it’s always good to have some bucks :) and if this tool really helps and saves you some time, support it by donating at my paypal account



Hope this helps!

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