Sorry, but how to install it?

May 22, 2014 at 12:14 PM
I'm relatively new to CRM and have no idea how to install this plugin to our CRM, can you help me?

And another question. I have the case:
"I've faced interesting behavior of Security Roles vs. Field Security.

Here's the quick summary of what I need to have:

Our organization has a custom Security Role named "Controller" with Read Permission on spec. Entity.

I've created custom field "Margin" on this Entity and set Field Security.

Next, I've added User with "Controller" role to new Field Security Profile and set Read, Write and Create access to the secured field "Margin" for this Field Security Profile.

That's it! I thought this Controller user will have access to read, write and create option on this field but no. Security Role blocks any write activities within the Entity.

Are there any options to let this user write only spec. field on Entity without giving him full-write access to Entity?"

Can this plugin be a solution to solve my problem?